Law Firms in Thailand

Our lawyers and attorneys in Thailand are highly-trained experts in their respective fields. They provide cost-effective solutions to individuals and businesses, always bearing in mind the interest of the client. With our staff of legal consultants and law experts, you are assured of only the best.   Bangkok Law Office Interchange 21 Building, 23rd Floor,


Thailand Visa

Consider what you are going to be doing in Thailand and let us apply for a Thai Visa for you online. Its easy and fast. These are the basic visa rules. Speak to us today! These are the basics rules for a Thailand visa in Thailand. The most common Thailand visa being used today is


Inheritance in Thailand

Considering retirement in Thailand? Let us give you the basics of what and how certain properties and rights are inherited in Thailand. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for more information. One of the trickiest properties one could inherit in Thailand is leasehold properties. This in terms of Thai law is viewed as personal rights


Drafting a Will in Thailand

When you retire in Thailand you at times have to look further than the retirement and consider who will all your property and other personal items be left too. Consider having a will drafted. Currently there is no inheritance tax in Thailand. There has been much talk about introducing it however there had been too


Marriage in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand starts with you obtaining a letter from your local embassy in Thailand stating that you are single and able to marry. In order to do this if you have been married before you would need to show your embassy a copy of your spouses death certificate or divorce decree. Once this